Meet the Sponsored Players

Meet the Sponsored Players
The Gateway, Reading – Wednesday 21st January 2015, 7:30pm

The LISC invite you to join us for a Meet the LISC Sponsored Player’s night. This will be held at The Gateway Pub in central Reading on Wednesday 21st January 2015.

The format will be a Q&A session with our three players – Blair Cowan, Tom Homer and Richard Palframan – followed by beer and a chat. We will also be giving attendees the chance to win some of the player’s shirts from last season!

Invites have been sent out to members individually. If you could register your attendance that would be appreciated.

Address for the Gateway is:
The Gateway Pub
31 Greyfriars Road
Berks. RG1 1PA


4 thoughts on “Meet the Sponsored Players

  1. Kevin Mothersole December 29, 2014 — 14:18

    I wish to aattend the Meet the Sponsored Playes to be held on the 21st January but have not received the invite by email. Membership no.0310.


    1. Kevin – we have your email on file. Have you been getting the eXile Files? The link to attend can be found in there and the email from eventbrite might be in your spam/junk?

  2. Same as Kevin…don’t seem to be getting all the emails..membership number 563

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