LISC Hall of Fame: Voting Form

LISC Hall of Fame
Page updated – 17th July 2017

Many thanks to all those of you who submitted their nominations for former London Irish players & coaches to be added to the LISC Hall of Fame.

The two former players with the highest number of nominations are Delon Armitage and Faan Rautenbach – who will become members of the LISC Hall of Fame.

And we would now like you to vote, using the form below, for up to two of your favourites from the following nominated former players/coaches, the 2 with the most votes will become members of the Hall of Fame:

The nominees are:

Chris Hala’ufia
Danie Coetzee
George Skivington
Jarrod Cunningham
Juan Manuel Leguizamon
Kevin Putt
Michael Horak
Richard Thorpe
Scott Staniforth
Simon Geoghegan
Steffon Armitage
Stephen Bachop
Tom Court

If you have recently joined LISC and do not have your membership number yet, please put NEW as your membership number.
Non-members are also welcome to vote – please put NONE as the membership number.

Note: Voting will be weighed in favour of LISC members.
Voting closes on Wednesday 9th August.
2 further Hall of Fame members will be chosen by the LISC committee.

5 thoughts on “LISC Hall of Fame: Voting Form”

  1. Ian Sarsfield said:

    Definitely believe that this should only ever apply to fully retired players… different maybe for staff or coaches etch of course. You need a formal LISC policy IMO.

  2. Late vote on holiday in france just wifi up

  3. Ian – Fair point and we will discuss putting a firm policy in place at our next committee meeting

  4. Getting a bit fed up nominating players who don’t make the list. What is the point of asking people to nominate then not including their nominations?

    • Ian Sarsfield said:

      I guess a shortlist “is” a shortlist and is based on % of nominated people… Seems fair enough to me

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