Honorary Members

LISC Honorary Membership
Over the years, a number of former players and coaches have been given honorary membership of the London Irish Supporters Club.

The current honorary members are:

Alex Barry Bob
Alex Corbisiero Barry Everitt Bob Casey
Brendan Brian Chris
Brendan Venter Brian Smith Chris Sheasby
Conor Dec Joe
Conor O’Shea Declan Danaher Joe Ansbro
Justin Kieron Mike
Justin Bishop Kieron Dawson Mike Catt
Naka Neal Nick
Naka Drotske Neal Hatley Nick Kennedy
Dodge Peter strudwick
Paul Hodgson Peter Hewat Ryan Strudwick
Losi Maps Toby
Sailosi Tagicakibau Seilala Mapusua Toby Booth




10 thoughts on “Honorary Members

  1. Stefan Armitage, Marland Yarde and Sailosi Tagicakibau

  2. Michael Horak, Keiran Dawson, James Hudson

  3. Richard Thorpe and LOSI

  4. Glenn Delaney and Chris Hala’ufia. I was speaking to Chris this season and he made it clean that his heart is still with LI

  5. Coffey’s got it right!

  6. Ian Sarsfield June 20, 2015 — 23:08

    Sailosi yes, but not really Maryland. Steffon and Delon yes..What about Phil Murphy? I thought he was already on the list…

  7. Not Yarde or Hudson because they were not good enough for long enough for LI.
    All the others mentioned above should be.

  8. If there is an example of a player who should NOT be on the list Marland Yarde.

  9. Thomas Magner 369 June 26, 2017 — 22:44

    Jarrod Cunningham RIP

  10. MRS SANDRA BRIND July 6, 2017 — 14:15

    Chris Hala’ufia, Steffon Armitage, Topsy Ojo

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